SIX DEGREE PRODUCTIONS is a small production company run by Robb Bradstock. Based in South West Ireland. Six Degree Productions aims primarily to make films about people’s lives and experiences in different parts of the world. It is hoped that the documentaries will help raise awareness of the issues facing ethnic cultures world-wide allowing viewers to see and understand the lives of others more clearly. 


In recent years economic growth and better communication throughout the world have accelerated the trend towards a homogeneous world. Some cultures that have lived in poverty for generations

   Gaddhi Woman winnowing in Ravi Valley               Boy on porch at Dharamkot school

now have a chance of a better life. Many ethnic cultures which have been relatively isolated are  being exposed to the technological world at an alarming pace and are consequently in danger of losing the very thing that that has given them strength and integrity for thousands of years.

Gaddhi Shepherds at Naddi            Guest at Gaddhi wedding   


Customs, knowledge and traditions that have held these societies together are in danger of being lost as rapid, unplanned economic growth effects traditional life. The rich diversity of the world’s cultures is under threat. Although these changes are inevitable and in many ways beneficial a balance is needed between the old and the new approach to life. Somehow a way needs to be found to preserve cultural diversity and enable economic prosperity that will allow vulnerable cultures to survive. 

 The Dalai Lamaat the Children in Crossfire Conference Derry Northern Ireland.The Dalai Lama feels that cultural divisions now have less meaning because of the improved communication that now exists throughout the world. He has said that when we meet on the basic human level we come to realise that we are all the same and that we all have similar issues and problems. With more awareness of our inter-connectedness we are then able to address these problems and find ways make the world a better place for everyone. 

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